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GEO Radius Search 2.7 Spring Release


We are thrilled to announce our Spring release of GEO Radius Search version 2.7!

GEO Radius Search 2.7 has not only delivered some long awaited feature enhancements, improved UI, minor bug fixes and code optimizations but we have implemented a new framework under the hood which will allow us to add  many new features and long awaited compatability with other CCK's like K2 and JomSocial.

New Features in GEO Radius Search 2.7:

  • Improvements to infinite scroll
  • Support for Longitude and Latitude inputs - does not require google recognized address
  • Update tooltips to be more informative and intuitive
  • Ad links after installation to documentation pages
  • Updated documentation pages on demo portal
  • Improved the print results interface
  • Repositioned the email popup to center
  • Improved UI design with dropdowns, filters and sort built in for both the Component and the module
  • Improved responsive presentation on mobile
  • Added RANDOM sorting of results to front end.
  • Added sort by Distance front end toggle
  • Improved language files to improve support in Joomla for Spanish, German and Portuguese.
  • Map language API support. You can now change the language of map content in all google languages available with google translate.
  • Speed optimization
  • Upgraded Google API libraries
  • New Javascript library for sorting results
  • Result boxes are now all equalised to the same height
  • Improved keyword auto fill design.

Bug fixes:

  • Spacing issue in pin pop up on map. Now more than one field can be dragged into the same position from zoo wizard and content will space and align correctly
  • Fixed user location icon and description.
  • Fixed default location icon and description.
  • make sure that all the sort related drop downs are properly working, seems there is an issue on the measurement type selector after 2.6
  • Fixed the sort and order bar feature
  • Repositioned the email popup to center

Many Benefits for You:

GEO Radius 2.7 only requires an upto date Joomla instance, the latest versions of ZOO and the ZL Framework and with simple installation you can start taking advantage of one of the most comprehensive GEO map navigation systems.

With a powerful search and filter features, your users can get information from your site quicker and in a more logical way. The GEO Radius search comes with a full featured module that allows you to display and arrange content to best suit your design requirements. With the availability of extensive libraries for map icons you can also customize your own icons and use map overlays for complete control over your presentation. The dynamic design will resize your map to adapt to responsive templates so your maps can be easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets. A new feature in version 2.6 will allow you to set the height size of both the module map and the main GEO dashboard. This means you have complete control over the user experience on your site.

As a core engine for listings application sites built with ZOO and Joomla CMS, it is well-equipped with versatility and flexible configuration options that you can adapt over time to meet the needs of your business use case. By utilizing the unlimited potential of the ZOO CCK (or construction content kit), GEO Radius Search is more than capable of delivering powerful and interactive maps for web applications than any other solution available today.

Installation Service for GEO Radius Search

GEO Radius Search 2.7 is easy to install and configure. However, we recommend that you purchase the installation support so we can jump start your process and help you with a baseline configuration that you can build on over time. Our installation service will help you move faster, identify any incompatibilities with your Joomla instance, and help you with the most essential configurations of your system in order to save you time and money. Each installation comes with extension compatibility check, site assessment for recommended performance optimizations, basic installation and configuration for your first GEO Radius Search Map application. Note: You must have your ZOO and ZL Framwork extensions up to date and configured prior to installation of GEO Radius Search. See the payment option for this service here: http://georadiussearch.com/buy-now

Getting GEO Radius Search 2.7

Try it today and see why GEO Radius Search has become the most powerful GEO mapping and navigation extension for Joomla in the world. Click here to learn more! Additionally, for more CNP news, check out the site at: http://www.cnpintegrations.com/blog/

Compatability Requirements:

Joomla Version 3.x with most current versions of ZOO and ZL Framework

NOTE: We want to clarify that we stopped supporting Zoo Radius last year but if you have a migration requirement we will do this if you purchase hourly support.

NOTE: The GEO Radius Search team no longer supports installations on Joomla 2.5 or earlier.

Remember if you have an idea for a new feature we welcome your suggestions and will do our best to accommodate these as supported features in a future release or we can build custom solutions for you.

Improved version and Browser checking with installation; We now check during the installation process for versions of ZL Framework to help identify potential incompatibilities. We also added a Browser check feature for IE9 and below, which is no longer supported

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  • Simple installation
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Powerful searching
  • Customizable Icons
  • ... much more!
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