01 October 2013

GEO Radius Search v2.5 Release is Here!

Written by Christopher Nielsen, Posted in Map News

ZOO Radius Search has a new release



GEO Radius Search for ZOO (Formerly ZOO Radius Search) has an exciting release with great new features and a new name. We have some ambitious plans for Radius Search and this means we needed to tweek things under the hood with our code to make way for adding the many new features. We also wanted to make sure we do our best to offer an improved user experience for displaying content in mobile devices.Combined with many great enhancements GEO Radius Search v2.5 is a remarkable solution for delivering dynamic geo mapping, content filtering and search navigation strategies.

Feature Highlights

If you are a current ZOO Radius customer or new to our GEO Radius Search extension, the most noticable change will be that we have added the capability to Publish and Subscribe modules. You can now configure a Map module or Filter Module and have them display in a Results module. You can have multiple filters associated with on or more results modules accessing them from the same menu ites thus creating dashboards for sorting large collections of content. This new approach allows you much more flexability in leveraging layout positions in your temaplates for unlimited design options. To view a live demo of this feature go http://georadiussearch.com/geo-radius-search/publish-subscribe-feature.


Another notable feature is the ability to display your results in a paginated responsive grid. You can select the number of results and number of columns for your results viewed. This makes it so much better looking right out of the box and if you wish to configure the CSS you can do amazing things with your design.

One of the biggest challenges for the team with the 2.5 release of GEO Radius search for Joomla 3 was adding the capability for multiple catagory selection in the filter and search engine. This feature helps make the GEO Radius Search a great option for sorting through large collections of records by Geo Location.

Over the past few months supporting many hosting providers around the world we discoverd that some ISP's by nature of their configurations do not respond consistantly with Google. Perhaps thans to spamers and hackers but either way we wanted to make sure we cold offer a solution for all of our customers regardless of where they host. To do this we added the ability to chose which api you want to use so even though you will be using the google map you can search coordinace through Mapquest (US Only) or other services. Sometimes you might need our support team to assist you in these cases so we have also added an installation support option to make sure you can be successful with creatng dynamic maps with Radius Search.

Why change the name?

We love ZOO and will always keep this as our core but there seems to be interest in expanding our technology to support other providers in ght Joomla universe. We have decided to rename the Extension so we can explore the possibility of supporting other CCK tools in the future. The first on this hit list will be connecting to JomSocial contacts and event listings. others may be anounced once we get further down the road and get more feedback from our customrs.

Radius Search Roadmap

The road map ahead will mostly be determined on the success and feedback from our current 2.5 release and the next 3.0 release planed for early 2014. Stay tuned for some big anouncements as we gather more information and try to understand the pulse of our customers in the marketplace.

We thank you for your business and hope you will enjoy the many new features and enhancments our latest release of GEO Radius Search for ZOO extension.



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