05 March 2016

GEO Radius Search 2.8 - GRS Alive and well!

Written by Christopher Nielsen, Posted in Map News

GRS 2.8






GEO Radius Search 2.8

Many great new features and more stability

With this release we are glad to introduce many new features inspired by the Joomla Resources Directory team. We have also furthered our preparation for future improvements. Over the past year we have had several transitions of developers supporting the GEO Radius Search (GRS). The fortunate thing is that through this process we have gathered many great ideas on how to improve the code and make this an even more valuable application. The down side is that we have had a few luls in support and our release schedule has not been as consistant as we would have liked. Well with that said we are back with a great new team, improved development process and some exciting new features in this release.

New or Improved Features:

  • Revised default style of UI for improved usability and more flexible layout option
  • Created Sample Data Set with custom Travel App
  • Ability to turn introduction text on and off and position top or bottom
  • Added Show Title, Show Icon and Title Icon Select for search box area
  • Added hide map line (Map can be condensed yet visible in a thin line or not)
  • Show banner and select image to display in Search box area
  • Set banner height and width
  • Search button title text parameter
  • Banner position left and right option
  • Show or hide map feature: When map is visible results will be pulled only from records that have Longitude and latitude parameters in the record. When Map is off it will pull results from all records. Note: with map off radius calculations will not work
  • Map size parameters
  • Added condition if user didn't enable share location then component detect the ip address and extract coordinates and use it to calculate distance.
  • Added Drop down for Region Code parameter
  • Improved Tool tips for parameter settings to guide users directly from UI
  • Added parameter for supporting ZOO Tags as filter criteria

Bug fixes

  • Fixed search parameter fields displaying on the front end event if turned off from back end
  • Fixed nearest sorting and radius calculation issues
  • Fixed issues with infinite scrolling
  • Fixed the arrow CSS issue.
  • Fixed dropdown issue by expanding the form based on number of items inside the dropdown.
  • Fixed reset button.
  • Fixed Email and Print button features

Release Note: Currently we have not updated the documentation for the 2.8 features but plan to do so as part of our next release. This is a very time consuming process and we plan to make several changes to the admin UI and do not want to duplicate this process.


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Christopher Nielsen

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